Who we are

Our mission is simple – to transform lives through intelligent automation. We are expert in the creation of products and solutions based on Process Automation, RPA, AI, and Digital Services technologies.

What we do

We provide products, solutions and services that transform document-intensive workplaces. The result? More efficient teams, faster responses to customers, more effective business processes.  

We deliver no-code software solutions and go-live in as little as 5 days.

Who we work for 

Financial services, insurance, government and BPO sector organizations make up the majority of our customers. Our offices in the US and UK enable us to serve organizations almost anywhere.

The Intelligent Automation Imperative

Enterprises will invest over $40b in 2021 and $230b in 2025 in intelligent automation1. RPA and artificial intelligence are already changing how the world works. Gartner predictsthat by 2022 80% of RPA-centric automation implementations will derive their value from complementary intelligent automation technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, process mining, intelligent OCR, workflow/BPM, decision modelling, analytics, customer experience management, and cloud. What intelligent automation investments will you make? We can help.


Intelligent Automation for document-intensive businesses

Lithe transforms document-intensive businesses into friction-free workplaces.

20 to 25 percent of workforces in advanced economies could work from home between three and five days a week after COVID-19, say McKinsey3. Adopt Lithe now and transform document-based workflow.

  • People: Remove the time, effort and frustration of document receipt, workflow, collaboration and completion.
  • Customers: Improve responsiveness by removing delays in document-based customer engagement.
  • Document Security: Provide a secure, safe and private means for anyone, anywhere to work with documents.
  • Cost: Stop wasting money on manual document processing.
  • Transformation: Reimagine legacy processes transformed as distributed digital services.

More efficient teams, faster responses to customers, more effective business processes. Adopt Lithe intelligent automation to transform your document-based workflow.

Sources: ¹KPMG: Avoiding setbacks in the intelligent automation race, 2018; ² Gartner: Move Beyond RPA to Deliver Hyperautomation, December 2019. ³The future of work after COVID-19, McKinsey Global Institute, February 2021

Meet The Executive Team

Anthony Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

As the founding Director of Lithe, Anthony has a passion for helping Lithe customers use technology to enable business success. Driven by his experience leading automation initiatives as IT Director at a UK government agency and at Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd, Anthony has the vision and experience to realize the promise of intelligent automation.

Derek Crawford

Chief Technology Officer

Derek leads Lithe’s product strategy and development, creating better means of automation based on over 20 years of experience in senior IT positions. Derek joined Lithe in 2013 having led applications development at Hymans Robertson LLP and held senior IT management positions at Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd.

Brendan McNabb

Chief Commercial Officer

Brendan is responsible for the Lithe’s global sales and business development. Before joining Lithe in 2014, Brendan held senior sales roles at Kofax, a leading provider of intelligent automation software products, and Singularity, a leading Business Process Automation software company.

Padraig Canavan

Board Advisor

Padraig is a successful and visionary leader in the process automation and technology markets. He chairs a range of mainly technology companies and brings a wealth of experience to Lithe in his role as Board Advisor on growth strategies. Padraig was founder and CEO of Singularity, the leading business process management (BPM) software product company acquired by Kofax in 2011.

Dermot McCauley

Chief Strategy Officer

Dermot leads a range of initiatives that drive customer success and company growth. Before joining Lithe in 2019, Dermot held roles including President, COO and Sales and Marketing leadership at Kofax, Singularity, Cambridge Technology Partners, RareMedium Group and JPMorganChase.

Join Us

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