Lithe partners with some of the world’s leading Intelligent Automation technology companies.


Kofax software enables organizations to Work Like Tomorrow ™ – today.

Kofax Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, and improve customer engagement.

Kofax combines RPA, cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility and engagement, and analytics to ease implementations and deliver dramatic results that mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.


ABBYY is a Digital Intelligence company. The critical intelligence of an enterprise is often locked in unstructured content or poorly understood processes.

ABBYY liberates the meaning and intelligence trapped behind enterprise content and processes, so ABBYY customers gain the critical insight needed to raise their Digital IQ and implement digital transformation.

The flexibility of ABBYY AI solutions enables customers to deliver Content Intelligence skills that make the digital workforce smarter, gain Process Intelligence for true visibility into processes, and capture actionable data from any type of document, from structured forms and surveys to unstructured text-heavy paper.


UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.

Thousands of enterprise customers and government agencies use UiPath’s Enterprise RPA platform to rapidly deploy software robots that perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations.

Their technology is used by thousands of companies particularly in document management, contact center, healthcare, finance and accounting, human resources, and supply chains and to address major technical challenges, including data extraction, process automation and business process outsourcing.