Lithe is a uniquely experienced ABBYY partner, with expertise in process intelligence, content intelligence, data capture solutions and RPA. We provide expertise in designing, building, implementing, and supporting ABBYY solutions and we bring experience of multiple products and project types.

Lithe applies the digital skills of ABBYY to RPA initiatives. We build a digital workforce of robots with ABBYY content intelligence, so the robots recognize, read and understand documents, and with ABBYY process intelligence, so your RPA teams know what processes to automate next.

Lithe utilizes an agile working model, so we can remotely and collaboratively provide consulting, implementation and support services.

We also provide pre-built solutions designed to complement ABBYY products and deliver results faster.

Lithe Expertise

Lithe delivers and supports implementations of the following ABBYY products:

ABBYY Flexicapture

Capture actionable data from any type of document, including structured forms, surveys, unstructured text-heavy papers and more.

ABBYY Vantage

Deliver content intelligence skills to make your RPA-powered digital workforce smarter.

ABBYY Timeline

Gain full transparency of your processes, identify bottlenecks, predict future outcomes, and identify process improvement and automation opportunities.

Lithe Services for ABBYY

Document capture and content intelligence

Lithe removes friction from document-intensive processes by implementing ABBYY Flexicapture and ABBYY Vantage to transform business documents into business value.

Cognitive RPA

Lithe creates a digital workforce of RPA robots that automate routine tasks and use ABBYY artificial intelligence to automatically read and understand documents.

Process Discovery and Mining

Lithe’s Process Discovery service uses ABBYY Timeline to automatically unearth a detailed understanding of how processes are executing, and identify opportunity for RPA and other automation.


Keep your ABBYY-based operations functioning efficiently with Lithe’s portfolio of post-implementation product, application and cloud solution support services.

Lithe Solutions for ABBYY

Lithe delivers prebuilt solutions for common business issues and builds custom solutions, leveraging ABBYY technologies, for customers in financial services, insurance, banking, BPO and other sectors.

ABBYY Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence means gaining the necessary insight into your operations that enables true business transformation. Digital Intelligence reveals real-time data about exactly how your processes are currently working and about the content that fuels them. Digital Intelligence empowers you to improve customer experience, achieve competitive advantage, gain visibility, and ensure compliance.

Process Intelligence

ABBYY Process Intelligence empowers you to easily discover, understand, and manage business process execution more effectively. Today’s information systems generate an unprecedented amount of data from both digital and physical sources. When properly ingested, merged, and analysed by ABBYY Process Intelligence, this wealth of data can be used to discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies.

  • ABBYY provides insightful, actionable intelligence into process performance
  • ABBYY triggers human and digital workers to act based on active process monitoring

Content Intelligence

ABBYY Content Intelligence helps workforces understand and create meaning from enterprise content. The most valuable insights into your enterprise sit within your content – the documents, the emails, the conversation streams, etc. that flow through your organization. But your people and your digital workforce of RPA robots need greater intelligence to harness that content, to liberate its meaning and act on it.

ABBYY Content Intelligence uses OCR, machine learning and other AI technologies to allow people, robots and systems to easily consume, understand and act on information contained in enterprise content.

  • ABBYY increases the intelligence of your digital workforce of RPA robots
  • ABBYY turns unstructured content into structured, actionable information

Empowering through Digital Intelligence

Data provides the fuel for digital transformation. When enterprises are finally able to access the wealth of data that exists about the performance of their processes and the content moving through them, they gain the critical insight that’s needed to raise their Digital IQ. With ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform, enterprises complement their existing automation platforms and accelerate their digital transformations.