Lithe is an experienced UiPath partner, with special skill in extending UiPath RPA to achieve hyperautomation.

Our expertise in document understanding (building robots who read and interpret documents), process design and orchestration, process mining and analytics enables us to build a more powerful digital workforce on the UiPath RPA platform.

Lithe utilizes an agile working model, so we can remotely and collaboratively provide consulting, implementation and support services.

Lithe Expertise

Lithe delivers and supports implementations of the following UiPath products:

UiPath Studio

Quickly design great software robots, simple and advanced, attended and unattended.

UiPath Document Understanding

Create robots that use AI to process documents.

UiPath Orchestrator

Manage, monitor, govern and optimize your digital workforce.

UiPath Process Mining and Task Capture

Document your workflows, automatically discover processing patterns and build a pipeline of automation opportunities

Lithe Services for UiPath

Attended and unattended RPA implementation

Lithe creates a digital workforce of RPA robots that automate repetitive tasks. Robots can be standalone, “unattended” digital workers or “attended” robots that collaborate with people.

Cognitive RPA

We build robots that use machine learning to automatically recognize, read and understand documents. And we create robots that gather and consolidate input from multiple AI sources.

Process Discovery and Mining

Lithe’s Process Discovery service uses automation to identify opportunities for RPA and hyperautomation. We use UiPath process and task mining to automatically unearth patterns of process execution and reveal valuable automation opportunities.


Keep your UiPath digital workforce functioning efficiently with Lithe’s portfolio of post-implementation product, application and cloud solution support services.

UiPath RPA platform

Reinvent your workplace by building and managing a digital workforce as large as your human one. That rapid business transformation you’re looking for? The key is automation. For velocity and scale, you need hyperautomation. The UiPath Enterprise RPA platform provides hyperautomation capabilities that fast-track your transformation right now.

  • Discover automation opportunities by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and your people. Exploit process and task mining to find valuable automation opportunity faster.
  • Build automations quickly, from simple to complex. Create attended and unattended robots, and robots that read documents.
  • Manage, deploy and optimize automation at enterprise scale. Exploit machine learning to achieve faster ROI, and manage your RPA digital workforce as an enterprise asset.
  • Run automations through robots that work with your applications, data and people.
  • Engage people and robots as one team for seamless process collaboration. Ensure easy and efficient handoff of the process from robot to human and back again.
  • Measure operations and performance to align with business outcomes. Track, measure and forecast the achievement of your entire automation program.