About Lithe

Lithe transforms lives through intelligent automation

Our vision

We envision a world where intelligent automation transforms the speed of business and the speed of change.

Who we are

We are a multi-talented team excited by the potential of automation to transform lives. We enjoy challenging the status quo and working with others to apply automation successfully.

What we do

We transform information velocity. We increase the speed of information as it flows into and through your organization, allowing you to respond more quickly to customers and operate more efficiently with less effort and at lower cost.

Our impact

People: We remove the time, effort and frustration of document receipt, workflow, collaboration and completion.
Customers: We improve responsiveness by removing delays in document-based customer engagement.
Security: We provide a secure, safe and managed way to work with documents, wherever you are.
Cost: We remove the expense of manual document processing.
Speed: We speed up the digital transformation of legacy processes and systems.

Who we work for

We empower people with intelligent automation. Our customers work across the globe in financial services, banking, retail, government, outsourcing, and other industries.

Our Product

Lithe Digital Documents is a cloud-based service that accelerates, simplifies, and secures document flow and processing.

Customers reduce friction in document-centric workflows, increase productivity, strengthen compliance and security, and improve customer engagement.

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