Business Process Automation

Streamline complex processes to reduce manual effort, cut costs, increase process quality, and improve compliance.

Business Process Automation (BPA) uses software to automate complex, multi-step business processes.

For business processes such as invoicing, claims, underwriting or onboarding, BPA orchestrates people and systems in efficient end-to-end workflows that achieve business objectives.

BPA solutions typically connect multiple enterprise IT systems and require “human in the loop” involvement of people at different stages of the process.

Business Process Automation transforms end-to-end workflows

Reduce operational costs

Deliver superior customer engagement

Increase productivity per person

Improve process quality and resilience

Ensure compliance to policy and procedure

Lithe expertise


Use process mining, manual analysis, and workshops to uncover how a process works and performs


Design a better performing process that delivers tangible business benefits

Develop and Deploy

Build, test and implement intelligent automation in support of process execution

Monitor & Optimize

Generate performance insights that drive continuous process improvement


Prioritize for automation those processes that will impact core business goals most dramatically. High priority customer engagement processes include onboarding, account maintenance, claims and renewals. Back office, finance and admin processes are also often high priority due to the cost and efficiency savings available through business process automation.

Business process automation is used in more complex business processes when RPA alone cannot provide enough automation. For example, in a claims process RPA can automate routine, repetitive steps in the process but will not orchestrate the entire end-to-end workflow.

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