Robotic Process Automation

Reduce or eliminate human effort and error in routine tasks by automating repetitive work.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) executes repetitive work at greater speed, with greater accuracy, and at lower cost than human workers.

RPA software robots act as a highly efficient and productive digital workforce. They release your human workforce from repetitive work such as keying or re-keying data and transferring data from one system to another.

RPA transforms human work

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Increase efficiency of routine work

Engage your people icon

Engage your people in higher value work

Eliminate errors icon

Eliminate errors via 100% reliable robots

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Increase capacity through greater automation

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Increase productivity & flexibility with a digital workforce

Lithe expertise

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Robotic Automation

Schedule or event driven
Rules driven
Repetitive & structured
No human intervention

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Attended Automation

RPA & humans side-by-side
People trigger RPA work
RPA performs ad-hoc tasks
RPA supports human work


Processes that involve people in repetitive, routine work benefit most from RPA, especially those that require people to transfer information between systems.

Yes, RPA integrates quickly and easily with existing in-house, external or third-party systems. RPA robots insert or retrieve data using the standard user interface of those systems, just like a human user would, but much more quickly and accurately.

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