Adare SEC chooses Lithe as part of a £500,000 project to transform customer experience


“Extending the capability of our Adare SEC solution with Lithe’s unique intelligent automation of inbound documents allows Adare SEC clients to fast-track their digital transformation journey. Adare SEC clients can now benefit from completely digital omnichannel inbound and outbound communications,”

Tony Strong, CEO, Adare SEC

Adare SEC digitally transforms inbound and outbound customer communications

Lithe is delighted to announce that Adare SEC has enhanced its digital services and customer experience transformation capability with Lithe’s digital document processing technology.

Adare SEC manages 100’s of millions of digital communications annually for clients in the Energy, Water, Telecoms, Finance, Travel & Leisure, and Public Sectors. This new investment enables Adare SEC clients to transform inbound communications into a 100% digital form. What’s more, Adare SEC can now distribute inbound documents and content to anyone, anywhere, in support of collaborative, document-intensive workflows.

“In a fast-moving competitive market, our investment in Lithe’s uniquely intelligent document processing technology enables us to deliver exceptional tangible benefits for our clients,”

Hayden Savage, COO, Adare SEC

Benefits for Adare SEC clients include:

  • Transform customer experience: Customers of Adare SEC clients can quickly, easily and confidently submit documents via paper, email, portal or mobile, transforming the customer experience in business-critical workflows.
  • Lower operating costs: Adare SEC clients eliminate internal costs of receiving, processing, distributing, storing and managing inbound documents.
  • Reduced risk: Adare SEC clients cut risk of loss, error, fraud and compliance transgression associated with physical document handling.
  • Faster processing: Adare SEC clients remove processing delays by automatically routing inbound documents in digital form to the right individuals or teams, instantly.

“Lithe intelligent automation allows Adare SEC to serve those crucial customer journeys and business processes that require both inbound and outbound digital communication. We’re delighted to enhance the value Adare SEC delivers to its clients and it’s a real pleasure to work with the innovative, client-focused leaders at Adare SEC.”

Anthony Murphy, CEO, Lithe

Lithe transforms lives with intelligent automation. We automate document-intensive business processes to reduce risk, eliminate errors and manual work, minimize costs, increase productivity and collaboration, and improve customer engagement.

About Adare SEC

Adare SEC is a leading provider of omnichannel customer communication services in the UK, managing 100s of millions of digital communications annually for clients in the Energy, Water, Telecoms, Finance, Travel & Leisure, and Public Sectors.

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