AI in TotalAgility 8: Revolutionizing Business Process Automation


Successful organizations are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. TotalAgility 8, the mould-breaking recent release of Tungsten Automation’s flagship platform, exploits the latest in GenAI to take automation to the next level and achieve those goals.  

By embedding the latest Generative AI innovations in TotalAgility 8, Tungsten Automation have reimagined how people interact with technology and begun a shift from no-code to natural language interfaces. As a result, Tungsten TotalAgility® 8 delivers business value faster, reduces the cost of innovation, and empowers citizen developers to drive change. 

In this blog, we review the key AI features in TotalAgility 8, including its Copilots for Development, Extraction, and Insights, along with the platform’s no-code LLM integration, third-party extraction support, and document libraries. 

New AI in TotalAgility 8

The latest version of TotalAgility keeps the platform and Tungsten Automation customers at the forefront of innovation. By leveraging new Generative AI across the platform in three new Copilot tools, the TotalAgility 8 release delivers intelligent automation faster and more effectively.  

Copilot for Development

A standout feature in TotalAgility 8 is the Copilot for Development, a virtual assistant for solution developers that provides real-time guidance and suggestions during the development process. 

  • Natural Language and Visual Interface: Solution developers use natural language and visual dialogue to instruct TotalAgility 8 to create or enhance a process.  Use a chatbot-like natural language dialogue or upload a sketched drawing of the process flow you need and TotalAgility automatically creates that process ready for further enhancement or execution.  
  • Providing Best Practices: Copilot offers recommendations on best practices, ensuring that solutions being developed are optimized and adhere to industry standards and compliance requirements. 
  • Debugging Assistance: The tool helps identify potential issues in the process and suggests fixes, making the creation and debugging process more efficient. 

By integrating AI into the development process, TotalAgility 8 accelerates solution development, reduces the learning curve for new solution developers, enhances the productivity of experienced ones, and ensures best practice. 

Copilot for Extraction

Data extraction is critical for effective business process automation, and TotalAgility 8’s Copilot for Extraction takes extraction convenience, efficiency, and accuracy to a new level. Key features include: 

  • Natural Language Instruction: Copilot allows use of natural language to request extraction of information from a document without manual configuration or training. GenAI returns all relevant fields and values. 
  • Infer Information Not in the Documents: GenAI can make inferences like a human worker might, for example understanding from information extracted from an insurance claim document that additional cars were involved in the accident. 
  • Continuous Learning: Copilot uses machine learning to automatically identify and extract relevant data fields from documents. As users correct any extraction errors, Copilot learns from these corrections, continuously improving its accuracy and efficiency over time. 

With Copilot for Extraction, organizations can significantly reduce the time and effort required for data extraction, leading to faster processing and better data accuracy. 

Copilot for Insights

Understanding and leveraging insights across multiple and complex documents is crucial for making informed business decisions, especially in case management scenarios such as legal work, customer onboarding, claims, appeals, and complaints processing. TotalAgility 8’s Copilot for Insights helps users analyze and interpret complex data sets to: 

  • Interrogate Documents: Use a chat dialogue to ask questions about document content and get real-time responses. Make faster, better-informed evaluations and decisions based on a rapid but thorough understanding of document content.  
  • Sentiment Analysis: Copilot can analyze content in document or emails to determine sentiment and inform decision-making.   
  • Understand unstructured data: Exploit GenAI to make sense of content in large and complex documents. Save the time and effort of reading every detail – let the Copliot do that for you, summarize the content or answer specific questions you ask. 

By generating real-time and actionable insights, Copilot for Insights enables businesses to make data-driven decisions faster. 

Intelligent Automation in TotalAgility 8

In addition to the Copilot features, TotalAgility 8 incorporates extra intelligence that enables efficient use of Large Language Models, integration of third-party specialized data extraction technologies, and pre-built libraries that rapidly process common types of documents.  

No Code LLM Integration

One of the most exciting features of TotalAgility 8 is its no-code Large Language Model (LLM) integration. This allows users to leverage the power of Generative AI without needing to write complex code. Features include: 

  • Drag and Drop Interface: Users can integrate AI models into their workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible to non-technical users. 
  • Pre-Built AI Models: The platform offers a library of pre-built AI models that can be easily integrated into various business processes. 
  • Customization: Users can customize AI models to fit their specific needs, ensuring that the solutions are tailored to their unique business requirements. 

No-code LLM integration democratizes AI, enabling more users to benefit from advanced AI capabilities. 

Third-Party Extraction Support

TotalAgility 8 also supports third-party extraction tools, allowing organizations to integrate their preferred extraction solutions into the platform. This provides flexibility and ensures that users can leverage best-of-breed tools to meet their specific needs. Features include: 

  • Seamless Integration: The platform supports seamless integration with various third-party extraction tools, ensuring smooth data flow and interoperability. 
  • Customizable Workflows: Users can create custom workflows that incorporate third-party extraction tools, enhancing the effectiveness of their automated processes. 
  • Enhanced Accuracy: By leveraging specialized extraction tools, organizations can achieve higher accuracy and efficiency in data extraction. 

Document Library

The document library in TotalAgility 8 is a rich repository of pre-trained extraction models for commonly used document types, such as bank statements. Reduce solution development time and effort by leveraging the out-of-the-box extraction automation of the TotalAgility 8 document library. 

  • Drag and Drop: Simply pull cloud-based extraction models for key document types critical to your workflows. For example, include automatic understanding of pay stubs in your new customer onboarding process.  
  • Auto-populate Forms: Leverage document libraries to auto-fill forms with data from documents supplied by your customers. 
  • No Setup: Without configuration effort or additional cost, extract data instantly from bank statement, pay stubs, IRS forms (1040, 1099, W2, W4). 

TotalAgility 8: The New Frontier

TotalAgility 8’s new AI features are revolutionizing the way organizations approach business process automation. Utilizing Copilot tools, a powerful document library, no-code LLM integration, and support for third-party extraction tools, TotalAgility 8 offers a comprehensive and intelligent solution for optimizing business processes. As AI quickly evolves, TotalAgility 8 delivers intelligent automation through innovative tools that empower businesses to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and insight.

Optimize TotalAgility with Lithe

Optimize Tungsten TotalAgility with Lithe, a multi-year platinum partner of Tungsten Automation. Lithe offers comprehensive services to support and enhance TotalAgility users, including expert implementation, support services, and seamless upgrades. By leveraging Lithe’s extensive experience and dedicated support, organizations can maximize the value of their Tungsten TotalAgility investment, ensuring efficient, effective automation solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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TotalAgility 8, launched by Tungsten Automation in 2024, introduces advanced AI-driven features including rapid process development with Copilot, streamlined document extraction without training, and enhanced insights generation. It supports seamless integration with RESTful services and third-party extraction engines, aiming to lower costs and optimize efficiency through simplified updates and improved process design.

This version empowers both technical and non-technical users to innovate and optimize business workflows effectively. Read more about the TotalAgility 8 Release here.

TotalAgility liberates your business from routine tasks by automating them effectively. It simplifies complex processes through seamless integration and advanced automation, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth while reducing operational costs and improving customer satisfaction.

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