Case Study

Life Insurer modernizes to Tungsten TotalAgility AWS deployment for efficiency and flexibility

Life Insurer

This insurer provides innovative life insurance and retirement solutions to 20+ million clients across North America.


migration to TotalAgility in AWS


capabilities of TotalAgility highlighted for utilization


scanner throughput improvement in AWS

This Life Insurer sought to modernize its document processing by migrating from Tungsten Capture/Transformation (formerly Kofax KC/KTM) to Tungsten TotalAgility (formerly Kofax TotaAgility) on AWS. This transition aimed to address the end-of-life status of the installed Kofax Capture version, performance issues from unsupported AWS configurations, and suboptimal Straight-Through Processing (STP) rates.


  • Inefficient straight-thru-processing (STP) rates
  • Tungsten Capture and Transformation approaching end of life
  • AWS configuration causing performance and processing issues


  • 80-page detailed report prioritizing improvements with high RoI
  • Detailed analysis of current Tungsten and AWS solution architecture and configuration
  • Confident and practical migration plan to AWS-based TotalAgility solution


  • Complete migration of batches allows decommissioning of legacy system
  • Throughput of scanners rises from 45% to 100% in new architecture
  • Eliminates latency inherent in legacy system environment

Business Drivers

  • Transformation
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Resilience

Lithe’s experienced team conducted a comprehensive audit, confirming the feasibility of the TotalAgility migration and proposing an agile, five-stage approach. The plan emphasized training internal staff to independently manage TotalAgility solutions, ensuring long-term resilience and efficiency.

In 4 weeks, Lithe delivered an infrastructure plan that tackled this Life Insurer’s critical document processing challenges, and analysed the installation, configuration, architecture and deployment of their AWS-based TotalAgility solution.

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