Businesses in every industry today see the market forces driving them to become increasingly agile: more connected with customers, more efficient in their operations, more responsive to change and all at an accelerated pace and frequency. In response, Lithe has envisioned a number of software services and solutions that deliver on these aspirations for our customers across a number of industries.


At-home and field-based workforces must be able to deal as efficiently with document-based work as their in-office colleagues. At times of business disruption this becomes an urgent necessity.

To sustain business operation and ensure productivity of at-home / remote workers, organizations must implement the right automation to support a work-at-home operating model. A strong work-at-home infrastructure provides flexibility to the current workforce and opens access to other talent pools and gig-agents. Business processes that involve receipt, handling, interpretation and distribution of documents present a challenge for at-home / remote workers. But intelligent automation provides a pragmatic and rapid solution.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) are continuously facing up to the challenges of increasing competition and decreasing profit margins.

The disruption the BPO model causes on an ongoing basis impacts staff productivity and makes it ever more difficult for companies to understand who their most productive people are so they can reward them and prevent churn. Lithe offer a new approach. We allow BPOs to deploy customised solutions based on streamlined business processes with the aim of reducing costs and enhancing client service.

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Financial Services and Insurance

Technology-led disruption is now normal in the financial services and insurance industries and organisations struggle to respond to the competitive challenges of fintech startups.

Firms must become more digital operations. Better automation enables firms to be responsive to customer requests, capitalise on revenue channels, increase agility and comply with new regulations. Smart devices, RPA, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation are driving change in core areas such as account opening and servicing, underwriting and claims. Lithe helps banks, asset managers and insurance companies realise a return on automation by delivering technology that makes business smarter and more efficient.

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Public Sector

Government and Public Sector organizations are faced with unprecedented scrutiny and demands for operational effectiveness and improved performance.

At every level of Public Service, citizens want their inquiries and requests met with complete visibility and a quick response. Through our range of solutions and services Lithe can help Public Sector clients lower risks, improve usage of data to let the information out, and optimize the citizen experience throughout.

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