Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) are continuously facing up to the challenges of increasing competition and decreasing profit margins. The disruption the BPO model causes on an ongoing basis impacts staff productivity and makes it ever more difficult for companies to understand who their most productive people are so they can reward them and prevent churn. There are fewer and fewer new lower costs areas to move to, signalling the end of the game for competing on ever lower staff costs. BPOs that want to achieve significant profit margins and lasting success need new ways to bring value to their clients.

Lithe’s BPO solutions offer a new approach. We allow BPOs to deploy tailored process driven solutions based on streamlined business processes with the aim of reducing costs and enhancing client service.

Benefits of Lithe’s BPO solutions to BPOs include…

  1. Improved Productivity

    Improved staff productivity through automatic work processing.

  2. Increased Visibility

    Increased visibility resulting in easy identification of the most productive team members to provide rewards and reduce churn.

  3. Reduced latency

    Reduced latency through a single solution interface, no matter what client / back-end client system is handling the process.

  4. Flexibility

    Flexibility to make rapid process improvements e.g. SLA’s through business focused solution design.

  5. Process Reuse

    Business process reuse across multiple clients, further reducing the cost, time, and risks of service provisioning.

  6. Collaboration

    Widespread collaboration and visibility into processes for clients enabled by modern social interfaces and mobile process participation.

  7. Onevolve

    The Onevolve platform and range of Intelligent Automation Solutions allow Business Process Outsourcers to rapidly onboard new customers and clients onto their environment, including key documents, data and business rules and to rapidly provision a range of services and solutions to same in a matter of hours.