Insurance companies have maintained a competitive edge by improving and optimizing their business processes without compromising efficiency, quality, and response time. Many insurers have utilised process automation across a number of operational business processes and are now starting to realise the benefits it brings to core areas such as underwriting and claims. Lithe have worked with a range of insurance companies of all sizes and understand many of the subtleties of the industry and how customers can best realise their investment in Intelligent Automation solutions to achieve significant gains.

  1. Intelligent Automation Solutions for Insurance

    With our Intelligent Automation Solutions, Insurance companies can combine market leading capture, process management, mobile, RPA and analytics capabilities to reduce processing costs, improve customer service and increase profitability while facilitating a proactive response to market opportunities and changing regulations.

  2. Onevolve for Documents

    Onevolve for Documents allows Insurance companies to transform complex inbound document sorting and ongoing distribution into a series of highly efficient automated business processes.

  3. Onevolve Administration Centre

    Onevolve Administration Centre allows Insurance companies to rapidly onboard new clients, customers and partners, including any required documents through an omni-channel process.