Government and Public Sector organizations are faced with unprecedented scrutiny and demands for operational effectiveness and improved performance. At every level of Public Service, citizens want their inquiries and requests met with complete visibility and a quick response. Leveraging Kofax/Lexmark solutions Lithe can help Public Sector clients lower risks, improve usage of data to let the information out, and optimize the hidden intelligence in current and historical information.

Through the application of best of breed Process and Capture technology as well as our tried and tested delivery model Lithe ensure that customers get the most from the technology at all times and deliver value to their customers (internal and external) quickly and consistently. Our Software services and solutions help our Public Sector clients:

  1. Streamline Operations

    Streamline operations through process automation.

  2. Hidden value

    Tap the hidden value of your organisation’s information in daily activities.

  3. Eliminate paper

    Eliminate paper from process and meet environmental requirements.

  4. Citizen benefits

    Deliver citizen benefits and services with increased staff efficiency.

  5. Transform to eGov

    Transform to eGov for maximum operational efficiency.

  6. Communication

    Improve cross-agency communication and collaboration.