Lithe delivers business continuity and resilience to global insurer


“Intelligent automation empowers business continuity and resilience plans, keeping people productive, responsive and engaged, wherever they are. What’s new is that these solutions are now fast to implement – lengthy projects are a thing of the past.”

Anthony Murphy, CEO – Lithe.

Lithe empowers thousands of employees at global insurance company to maintain normal operation during pandemic.

Filing an insurance claim? Applying for a new policy? Amending details on your account? This global insurer needed to continue serving customer needs while employees were unable to work in offices due to impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Rapid deployment: Meeting an urgent need to supply inbound documents to ~2,000 at-home workers in over 600 teams, the Lithe cloud-based solution went live within one week of contracts being signed. Automated setup of addressees and team membership accelerated the go-live.
  • Intuitive customer experience: Configurable email notifications alert staff that new documents are awaiting attention. A simple click-thru takes the staff member to a secure web-based portal where documents can be viewed and action taken.
  • Maintaining enterprise security: Integration to corporate identity management and authorisation systems via WebSSO means corporate security standards are enforced but no separate login is required.
  • Capitalizing on existing system investments: Working with a BPO partner, Lithe complemented existing technical infrastructure at the insurer with new cloud-based capabilities that allow business continuity and support remote workers.
  • Default routing and triage: Inbound documents are automatically routed to Executive and Corporate triage assistants who quickly route documents to individuals or teams.
  • Additional levels of automation: Building on the rapid payback from initial automation, the insurer is now increasing its return on automation by exploiting artificial intelligence, RPA and other technology to further automate document-intensive processes.

About Lithe

Lithe transforms business with intelligent automation. Lithe Intelligent Automation is a cloud-based BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) platform that streamlines document-intensive business processes to reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, increase productivity and improve customer engagement. Lithe Digital Documents and other solutions leverage our BPaaS platform to address common business challenges.

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