Digital Documents 

Digitizing inbound documents transforms how your organization works. Go live with Lithe Digital Documents in 5 days and transform your document-intensive organization into a fast-flowing digital workplace. 
Enable work at home teams, flexible workforces and contract staff, with instant access anywhere, anytime to inbound documents, including transactional business mail sent in paper form. 
If your inbound documents arrive in paper mail, from branch scans, via email, mobile or portal, Lithe Digital Mailroom automates their ingestion and distribution to cut costs, consolidate physical mailrooms, and create a better experience for your customers. 

Intelligent Automation Platform 

Digital workflow transforms the performance of your teams. With Lithe Intelligent Automation Platform people work better together in more efficient and productive business processes.
Lithe Hub adds speed and flexibility to process definition, configuration, and deployment. 

Lithe Analytics empowers people to understand, monitor and optimize any business process. 

Lithe Portal engages people, drives productive collaboration, and increases customer satisfaction. 

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