Lithe Intelligent Automation is a cloud-based BPaaS platform that allows large enterprises, BPOs and Shared Service Centers to execute standardized processes at scale while efficiently supporting process variants for each customer, region or subsidiary. The platform combines RPA, AI, BPM, Document Capture, Analytics and Customer Experience Management in a single offering.


Who Benefits

Lithe clients service their customers better, reduce the cost of service, gain new control and visibility over their business processes, and drive productive collaboration across teams and organizational boundaries.


Business process outsourcers (BPOs) and shared service centers (SSCs)

Business process outsourcers (BPOs) and shared service centers (SSCs) use Lithe Intelligent Automation to efficiently execute standard processes that allow customer-by-customer variation. For example, a standard invoicing process delivered by a BPO or SSC can deliver invoice line item details to one customer but provide only header-level invoice detail to another, all while using a standard process in a multi-tenanted technology implementation.


Large enterprises

Large enterprises that run standardized business processes in different departmental, subsidiary, geographic, or legislative contexts use Lithe Intelligent Automation to manage variations in each context while consolidating results and analytics quickly. For example, a global corporation can execute its standard employee benefits processes in multiple countries while meeting legislative and policy variations in each country.

Lithe Hub

Add speed and flexibility to process definition, configuration and deployment.

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Lithe Analytics

Empower people to understand, monitor and optimize any business process.

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Lithe Portal

Engage people, drive productive collaboration and increase customer satisfaction.

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