People working in document-intensive business processes need fast and easy access to inbound documents, in digital form. 

Lithe Digital Documents gathers, understands, and distributes inbound documents arriving via paper mail, branch office scans, email, mobile devices, or portal uploads to the individuals and teams who need them.  

Lithe’s highly intuitive and productive document workplace makes teams more effective, reduces costs, cuts processing times, improves responsiveness to customers, and enhances document security. 

Intuitive document list 

Document recipients sort, filter and search their list of inbound documents.  

Productive document workplace  

Choose a document to review a clear digital image and see extracted data on-screen. Forward to colleagues. Add notes. Execute “tick-box” workflow. View document history and ingestion details.  

Convenient case management     

Resolve cases faster with all documents “at your fingertips”. Gather related documents, e.g., all documents related to an insurance claim. Add case notes. View case history.   

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1. Go live in 5 days

Escape the inertial drag of physical document flow. Go digital in 5 days with Lithe Digital Documents. Equip a triage team to route inbound documents or automate the triage based on document content. 

2. Make people and teams more effective

Route inbound documents instantly to people, in office or remote, and get document-based work done effectively. 

3. Improve any document-intensive business process  

Ensure fast, reliable, secure access to inbound documents for loan applications, new account opening, customer due diligence, employee recruitment, claims management, underwriting, government benefits registration, correspondence management, cash reconciliation, accounts payable and receivable, and more. 

4. Support your customers’ channel of choice  

Customers send documents via paper mail, branch office scans, email, mobile devices, or portal uploads – gather, understand, and distribute documents from any channel.  

5. Ingestion agnostic 

Lithe Digital Documents works seamlessly with intelligent document processing (IDP) software from Kofax, ABBYY and other IDP industry leaders. 

6. Integrate with other systems 

Trigger downstream processing or enrich document data with additional information. Manage document disposition and integrate with in-house repositories and applications.