Intelligent automation is changing how the world works. Machines that learn, automation that sees and understands, software that speaks on your behalf. When implemented alongside robotic process automation (RPA), process orchestration, analytics and other digital technologies, the result is a new intelligent automation that is radically changing how we work, how we serve customers, how we live our lives.

Lithe intelligent automation solutions transform information-intensive business processes to provide a new level of return on automation, reducing manual work and errors, minimizing costs, and improving customer engagement. Lithe’s optimized agile approach to project delivery, gives our customers confidence in the result.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Agile optimized

    Lithe’s unique approach optimizes agile projects with two upfront events that focus the project, visualize what’s possible, and create an excited team that ensures delivery success. Our Business Realization Event and Active Workshop launch agile projects with the right sponsorship, direction and momentum to accelerate results.

  2. Artificial intelligence (AI)

    Lithe solutions pull AI in real-time from multiple sources – Google, Amazon, IBM, and others – so your automation uses AI at the right time and in context. Using RPA- or API-based integration, Lithe solutions put AI to work in use cases that make a difference to your business.

  3. Complemented RPA

    To extend the value of RPA, Lithe integrates RPA with process orchestration, document capture, analytics and other technologies. The result is end-to-end process automation that extends your digital transformation.

  4. Digital process automation

    Digital transformation requires start-to-finish digitization of business processes. RPA is only part of the solution. Call it digital process automation (Forrester), hyperautomation (Gartner), or intelligent process automation (IDC), the most valuable solutions extend beyond RPA to automate more. Lithe accelerates digital transformation, exploiting our experience in multiple technologies to modernize slow, manual, error-prone or expensive processes.

  5. Process discovery

    Lithe uses technology to identify the detail of how processes are executing every moment in your enterprise. Lithe’s Process Discovery services fuel fact-based process improvement and help build the business cases that drive more effective process automation.