A complete KTA solution for your business transformation

Your customers expect exceptional experiences irrespective of which channel they interact with you on – Email, mobile or web or outside the digital world. Do your business processes support your digital transformation and provide a seamless digital experience for your customers?

Kofax TotalAgility is a leading Intelligent Automation Platform that helps you automate your information intensive business processes, end-to-end.  It gives you the ability to orchestrate business processes, automate them and run advanced process analytics. It brings together information from various digital channels, integrates information across business applications and enables your customers to complete a range of transactions digitally.

What does Kofax TotalAgility mean for your business?

  1. Provide exceptional customer service

    Automate a wide range of back-end business operations such as mailroom, accounts, claims processing, customer onboarding, to name a few, to provide a seamless front-end digital experience. That’s what your customers expect!

  2. Be more agile and responsive

    Efficient business workflows and accessibility of information allow you to respond to customer queries quickly. You can respond to auditors within given, tight timelines too.

  3. Achieve transparent processes and proactive decision making

    We connect all the back-end operations and front-end processes on one platform giving you a connected process dashboard. Make business decisions quicker and be proactive in resolving issues before cost and inefficiencies get out of control.

Why Lithe – Our TotalAgility Heritage

Lithe is the foremost provider of systems and solutions to a range of customers and industries on TotalAgility and related technologies. The origins of Lithe go back to the founding days of TotalAgility. Many of our team have been working with the platform and delivering wonderful solutions to our customers for over a decade. All of our ProServices team have been certified in TotalAgility and we have many excellent customer stories we would be delighted to share with you.