Robotic Process Automation (RPA) liberates your human resources for more valuable work by automating the many manual and repetitive tasks that routinely absorb the time of human teams. Lithe can help you identify the best opportunities for RPA and implement RPA solutions quickly and at scale. If you are starting your RPA journey or are already experienced, we can help deliver better solutions within days.

We have implemented RPA products of multiple software vendors and delivered “complemented RPA” solutions to achieve what Gartner call “hyperautomation” (called “intelligent process automation by IDC” and “digital process automation” by Forrester) . We make RPA work alongside other technologies that add extra benefit, including document capture, intelligent optical character recognition (iOCR), process orchestration, automated process discovery, analytics and more.

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Key features and benefits:

  1. Lithe agile projects make your RPA initiative a success

    Agile projects deliver working solutions fast and RPA is an ideal technology where speed of change is fast and momentum of delivery is crucial. We implement RPA solutions using agile project methods, delivering benefits in a matter of days or weeks to generate automation momentum and week-by-week success.

  2. Remove bottlenecks & free your people

    Manual tasks often become process bottlenecks and result in unhappy customers and missed performance targets. RPA executes formerly manual tasks with a speed and accuracy your human teams cannot equal. Lithe quickly implements RPA solutions that automate routine human tasks, accelerating your business processes and freeing your human talent for more valuable work.

  3. Eliminate manual error & reduce costs

    Processes which involve repetitive tasks or copying data between systems are prone to human error. Lithe implements well-designed RPA solutions which execute consistently, every time. Lithe RPA solutions cut cost by eliminating errors and removing the need for remedial processing of faulty human work.

  4. Rapidly integrate systems

    Integration no longer requires months of IT work to implement and test. Lithe RPA solutions can integrate systems by mimicking the screen-based copy/paste and data integration that your people do manually today. The result? Data integrity across multiple systems achieved in moments.

  5. Scaling RPA: extend to hyperautomation for greater benefits

    Lithe is experienced implementing RPA alongside other technologies so you can scale RPA across the enterprise with hyperautomation. We help you orchestrate, control and manage your digital workforce of RPA robots. And we are experienced at complementing RPA for greater returns with additional technologies including document capture, intelligent optical character recognition (iOCR), automated process discovery, analytics and more.

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