Robotic Process Automation Solution (RPA) allows organisations to automate processes that traditional workflow solutions tend to avoid. This is a highly exciting opportunity for business across all sectors.

RPA can be implemented in a bottom up approach, delivering immediate ROI as highly manual activities which are slow and prone to error are rapidly automated, resulting in working solutions within days or weeks.

At Lithe, we believe the full benefit of RPA comes when considered as part of a complete Intelligent Automation strategy where the bottom up approach is complemented with a strategic vision focused on improving customer engagement and outcomes.

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  1. Delight in short Agile projects

    RPA and Agile projects are perfect bedfellows. We love implementing RPA solutions with our customers as we can deliver benefits in a matter of weeks and generate momentum for future sprints. Implementing robots as part of a known strategic plan will result in excellent outcomes.

  2. Remove bottlenecks around repetitive tasks

    Process improvement often results in manual tasks which become bottlenecks, such as updating a third-party website with information from a line of business system, where a web API doesn’t exist. This manual bottleneck can now be solved with RPA allowing end to end processes to complete sooner.

  3. Eliminate manual errors

    Processes which involve repetitive tasks or copying data between systems tend to have a higher cost due to the fact humans make mistakes, especially with repetitive non-challenging tasks. Eliminate these manual errors with RPA and free your workforce to be more productive.

  4. Join the integration revolution

    Integration no longer requires specification manuals from IT teams, with months needed to implement and test. Instead with RPA, integrate systems using the screens that end users consume to deliver working and scalable automation in a fraction of the time.

  5. Think big and maximise value!

    At Lithe, we believe that the key differentiator for businesses is in how they free their workforce to focus on delivering excellent service and outcomes for customers. Designing an Intelligent Automation strategy, with RPA as a key enabler of this, will enable businesses to differentiate services by freeing their resource to innovate in these areas, rather than being weighed down with the challenge of repetitive manual tasks.

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