Lithe Announces the Release of Onevolve 2.0

01 February 2019

Lithe are delighted to announce version 2.0 of Onevolve, with a continued focus on Instant and Effortless Onboarding.

Glasgow, Scotland (UK) – Lithe is delighted to announce the release of version 2.0 of their Customer Onboarding platform Onevolve, targeted at Business Process Outsourcers, Financial Services and Insurance companies for optimising their core Customer Onboarding processes. It will be available for release on 1 February 2019.

Version 2.0 brings some fabulous new capabilities to the Onevolve framework to greatly simplify the user experience for designing new solution recipes and templates.

Additional Framework enhancements have been added making it much easier for users to manage their workloads through the Engage portal, allowing you to manage this in a way that best suits you.

We have also added full multi-language support to cater for the increasing global spread of Onevolve users and consumers.

Our continued focus on providing an Instant and Effortless Onboarding experience has resulted in some exciting and innovative additions to 2.0 including the creation of organisation profiles for pre-registrations, so that end users can self-register and be set up with correct permissions. We have also introduced the ability for users to use their own authentication sources, negating the need for usernames and passwords if so desired.

Finally, we have enhanced our Intelligent Automation capabilities through the addition of our Onevolve for Documents ‘Digital Mailroom’ solution within the core product Framework, allowing businesses to optimise the process through which documents and data enter their organisations and are subsequently distributed to the correct individuals and teams.

“We are very excited with the new capabilities of version 2.0 of Onevolve. We have listened closely to our customers and internal teams and have responded with this tremendous new version of Onevolve. We believe this release moves our customers and users to the next level in our collective ambition to provide Instant and Effortless Onboarding”

Derek Crawford (CTO, Lithe)

For additional information on Onevolve or to request a demonstration please contact Brendan McNabb.

About Lithe

Lithe IT provide a range of Intelligent Automation Solutions targeted at improving your business’s effectiveness and efficiency saving you both time and money.

Our Onevolve range of solutions are aimed at addressing your key business challenges across a number of industries and use-cases with a focus on allowing organisations to achieve Instant and Effortless Onboarding of their customers and the rapid provisioning of tailored services and solutions.

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