Lithe work-at-home solution supports government continuity


“Workforces of at-home, remote and gig-agent staff are a new norm and here to stay. We’re thrilled to enable a new work-at-home capability for this crucial government organization.”

Anthony Murphy, CEO – Lithe.

Lithe cloud-based software supports work-at-home government employees in minutes with digital documents.

When UK government workers were forced to work-at-home as a safety measure in face of the coronavirus pandemic, they were unable to provide essential citizen services. With no access to inbound mail and documents, and without the ability to use those documents to assess applications, make decisions, adjudicate cases, deliver services, manage exceptions and execute vital everyday government processes, they needed a solution quickly.

Lithe delivered a digital document solution that got government back to work within one week. The Lithe Digital Documents solution creates digital images of important documents, extracts key information, and automatically delivers the digitized documents to the right person based on intelligent workflow rules. Recipients can route documents onward to other staff, and collaborative work on document-intensive citizen service processes has quickly become a new normal for many work-at-home government employees.

Working with a BPO partner, Lithe responded rapidly to deliver the Digital Documents solution and the government team went live in everyday operation within one week. Using Lithe’s cloud-based technical infrastructure and implemented by Lithe’s own team of work-at-home experts, the Lithe solution is entirely accessible via internet browser, complies to strict security requirements, manages the disposition of documents and is implemented remotely without time-consuming on-site visits or local software installation.

About Lithe

Lithe transforms business with intelligent automation. Lithe Intelligent Automation is a cloud-based BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) platform that streamlines document-intensive business processes to reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, increase productivity and improve customer engagement. Lithe Digital Documents and other solutions leverage our BPaaS platform to address common business challenges.

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