The line between succeeding and failing in today’s global market is growing ever finer. There is an increasing number and variety of service providers across a range of industries all vying for clients in a tight economy. The ability to reduce onboarding times and rapidly provide services to clients is imperative. Once gained, clients can be hard to keep. In this environment, businesses need every competitive edge they can get to win and retain customers.

Onevolve Administration Centre helps organizations onboard their customers instantly and effortlessly. Once onboarded customers can be processing documents through a range of Onevolve Intelligent Automation Solutions in a matter of hours!

Onevolve Administration Centre also includes a monitoring application that gives an overview of all processes across all clients – showing where processing volume is highest, indicating and predicting where operational problems may occur.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Onboarding

    Rapidly onboard your clients into TotalAgility – new clients can be set up in minutes, and you can be processing documents within hours.

  2. Tailored to your needs

    Tailor client specific needs right within the application itself – no need for TotalAgility development skills to get processes working the way you and your client wants.

  3. Rapid deployment

    Onboard directly into one or many of the integrated Onevolve Intelligent Automation Solutions including Onevolve for Invoices and Onevolve for Documents.

  4. End to end processing

    Full “end to end” processing – from registration of incoming documents, through scanning and extraction of data, and exporting documents and data in a variety of formats.

  5. Monitoring dashboards

    Our monitors show you the current state of all client work within the system, including drilling further into applications, processes and right down to seeing the job details – all from one solution.