Onevolve Engage is our customer engagement portal that allows you to extend the business process interactions directly to the end users such as customers, partners and other 3rd parties.

The key to Engage is the simplicity in both the design and implementation of the technology. We understand businesses need to be agile, responsive and adaptive to their customers’ needs.

Engage is an intuitive and flexible portal solution which enables customer journeys, those beginning-to-end processes that customers experience in getting the product or service they need, are being optimised throughout their lifecycle.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Omni-channel

    Engage your customers directly via a wide range of platforms and channels. Use your tablet or mobile device to review documents, view and approve tasks and collaborate with others.
  2. File-sharing

    One-click, secure file sharing from your desktop or mobile device. Upload documents or photos directly into the heart of the process.
  3. Secure collaboration

    Extend your core business processes directly to customers, suppliers, partners and other 3rd party intermediaries in a secure manner.
  4. Full document trail

    Once uploaded to the system, documents can be viewed in the Engage dashboard including a full document status and history including date submitted, current status and owner. Documents can be filtered e.g. by a certain date range to show only documents of a certain status.
  5. Localisation

    The Onevolve Engage application supports localisation in several different languages. Each organisation is set up with a default language used on the login screen. In addition to this, each user also has their own language selection that can be changed at any time via the profile page.