Intelligent process automation for digital workflow transformation

A smarter way to process documents using pre-trained skills

ABBYY Vantage is an Intelligent Document Processing platform providing easily consumable AI “skills” that understand your documents in a fast and simple way.

Vantage pre-trained skills read, understand, and extract insights from documents, helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation.

ABBYY Vantage Benefits

Automate document understanding

  • Without human effort, automatically understand content and accelerate your business processes
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Improve customer experience

  • Reduce customer response times, streamline customer-related workflows, and reduce human error

Simplify document processing

  • Use AI to go live quickly & automatically learn and improve over time

ABBYY Vantage Features

Content Intelligence

  • Leverage pre-trained skills and embedded AI for rapid document processing and data extraction

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Content Intelligence

Low-code platform

  • Enable non-technical teams to quickly design, train, and publish document skills for all types of documents

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Schema analysis

Integrate virtually any application

  • Connect to Lithe and other systems without coding using pre-built connectors or the Vantage REST API

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Operation dashboards

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