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Lithe helps Kofax customers derive maximum value from their Kofax software investment.  

Our Professional Services and Support teams expertly develop, implement, and support Kofax software solutions at speed and with quality.

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Audit Service for Kofax Systems

Our Kofax Audit Service helps current Kofax customers derive more value from their Kofax software investment.  

We identify opportunities to optimize Kofax systems and advise on which next steps will deliver most business benefit. 

The Audit is completed in 5-10 days, delivers a full and detailed Audit Report, and includes a live Audit Walkthrough.

Typical challenges and goals of customers who choose our Kofax Audit Service include:

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  • Inadequate throughput and accuracy

  • Over-complicated document flows

  • Poor performance obstructs a planned rollout

  • Inexperienced technical team or partner

  • Failing to get RoI on Kofax investment

  • Customizations have resulted in system being “out of support”


  • Increase straight-through-processing rate

  • Improve accuracy of document processing

  • Streamline process flow

  • Improve resilience, security & scalability

  • Leverage Kofax product innovation

  • Modernize application infrastructure

Lithe Support Services

Our Kofax Support Services provide responsive and expert support programs to ensure your Kofax systems deliver a resilient business operation.  

We provide four pre-packaged Kofax Support programs, pre-built to suit differing levels of customer need. 

Custom Kofax Support Services are also available where an Audit of your Kofax systems indicates a custom package is required.  

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Kofax Support Package Features

Depending on the pre-packaged and custom Support Services in place, Kofax support services may include: 

  • Daily Health Maintenance

  • 24/7 Online Support Portal

  • Triage & Troubleshooting

  • Break/Fix Issue Resolution

  • Bug & Enhancement Reporting

  • Repeating Incident Identification

  • Product Upgrades

  • Change Advisory Board Support

  • Kofax Support Interactions

  • Periodic Support Reviews

Lithe Professional Services

Whether you’re just starting your Kofax project or assessing how to optimize a current Kofax solution, our experience accelerates you to a better outcome. 

We provide extensive experience in Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax RPA, Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation. 

Lithe brings deep expertise in intelligent document processing, workflow and business process automation, and robotic process automation.  

We deliver four types of professional service, each designed to meet a different type of Kofax customer challenge. 

Assess Kofax system health

Identify opportunities to optimize

Prioritize Kofax solution improvements

Design, develop, test, deploy new Kofax solutions

Integrate Kofax with in-house or 3rd party systems

Implement high-quality automation at speed

Upgrade smoothly to new Kofax versions

Stay covered under support contract terms

Modernize Kofax applications

Adapt existing Kofax applications to meet new requirements

Optimize Kofax systems for better performance

Enhance current Kofax solutions for better security, scalability, resilience


Kofax updates can be done in two ways. First, upgrading to a new version of Kofax updates your Kofax system to keep you compliant with the terms of your software support agreement. Second, re-factoring is a way of updating your current Kofax system to revise how it works, add new documents for Kofax processing, redesign Kofax workflows, etc. 

Most Kofax customers use Kofax products for intelligent document processing (IDP) or digital workflow transformation. Kofax IDP extracts information from any business document automatically to enable business process automation. Kofax digital workflow reduces manual effort, cuts costs, increases process quality, and improves compliance. 

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