Product Release: Lithe Digital Documents version 4.0


In the document-intensive business processes of Lithe customers, the fast and secure flow of documents is essential. Successful customer engagement, better business efficiency, and effective day-to-day operations depend on it. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the release of version 4.0 of Lithe Digital Documents, the #1 software product for faster flow and processing of documents.

In this new release, Lithe increases the speed and simplicity of document processing while adding new levels of security, scalability, and ease of adoption for our customers. Release highlights include:

Introducing Notifications

In an increasingly busy and complex working environment it can be easy to lose track of what documents need to be reviewed or processed, and by when. Configurable Notifications within Lithe Digital Documents now actively manage that issue.

  • Create notifications, including customizable notification messages, based on events important to your organisation, such as when documents are assigned to a team or individual for processing, or re-assigned to someone else.
  • Receive notifications instantly, or as summary notifications on a schedule that works for you.
  • Support multi-lingual workforces by delivering notifications in the recipient’s preferred language.

MI Reporting for customizable perspectives on business performance

Gain valuable insights into how your organization processes information. Connect your existing management information (MI) tools to the Lithe Digital Documents data warehouse and create reports that improve management of document-intensive business processes, analyze trends, and forecast future needs.

Dashboards for transparent, operational insight

Lithe’s real-time summary dashboards provide new ways to view operational metrics. Configure dashboards to your theme and styling. Select chart types that work best for individuals, roles, and for your organization.

Contextual help to aid understanding – and it’s customizable too!

New “in-app” contextual help delivers on Lithe’s “no training required” promise. New contextual help makes people more quickly productive, even in complex document processing situations.

To boost team effectiveness even further, Lithe now allows organizations to make additional, customized help files accessible from within Digital Documents, delivering in-context guidance and business rule explanation during workflow.

New flexibility for cloud deployments, including data residency compliance

Lithe customers already deploy Digital Documents in private clouds and as a fully managed service. With this new release, Digital Documents is now available as a public cloud service, increasing the scalability and ease and speed of adoption for yet more types of Lithe customers.

To meet data privacy and compliance obligations, Lithe Digital Documents now allows customers to meet their data residency requirements by deploying in a jurisdiction of choice.

Get Started with Lithe Digital Documents Today!

If speed and simplicity of document flow and processing matters to your organization, contact Lithe today to explore how Digital Documents can help.

To learn more about Lithe Digital Documents and this new release, use the contact options on this page to Book a Demo, Ask a Question, or Chat Now.

About Lithe

We envision a world that has unlocked the business value of unstructured data. 80% of the world’s information is trapped in unstructured formats, such as documents, text streams, photographs, video, and voice. People need to process it. That’s expensive, slow, and risky. And that’s the problem we address. We are the #1 provider of flow and processing software for unstructured data.

Lithe Digital Documents transforms information velocity by accelerating the flow and processing of documents. Paper mail, email, mobile device submissions, branch office scans, or portal uploads – any document from anywhere.

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