Accelerate document workflow

Automate, simplify and secure the flow and processing of documents

Automate document workflow & transform your whole business

Increase team productivity

  • Get documents more quickly to the people who need them
  • Increase efficiency of document-centric work

Improve responsiveness to customers

  • Accelerate important customer journeys
  • Make document flow friction-free

Ensure document security

  • Reduce risk of loss and fraud
  • Ensure GDPR and other compliance

Cut costs

  • Slash cost of paper
  • Remove physical document flow

Reduce processing times

  • Cut 90% from processing time
  • Remove manual work

Accelerate digital transformation

  • Go live in hours
  • Leapfrog transformation timelines

Why Lithe?

We achieved in 1 week a digital transformation that had been planned as a 2-year project.

Digital Transformation Executive, Global Insurer

Why Lithe Digital Documents?


Friction-free document workflow and processing

Instant productivity gains

Go live enterprise-wide in 5 days or less


No code, no training, no disruption

Easy-to-use by everyone on day one

Work anywhere on any device


Reduce risk of fraud and loss

Total control of document distribution and access

GDPR and equivalent compliance


Human scale, enterprise ready

Made for humans, scales to entire populations

Agile architecture


Lithe Digital Documents automates the flow and processing of any document.

Paper mail, email, mobile device submissions, branch office scans, or portal uploads – any document from anywhere.

Receive and process documents, anywhere

  • Paper mail, email, mobile device submissions, branch office scans, portal uploads – any document from anywhere.

  • Work efficiently using sort, search, filters, personalized UI’s, and configurable work lists.

Execute document workflow & collaboration

  • View documents and extracted data.

  • Approve, forward with comments, archive, delete, or choose other actions.

Manage cases

  • Resolve cases faster with all related documents at your fingertips.

  • Add case notes, view case history, manage case privacy.

Lithe solutions for document-centric work

Intelligent document workflow and processing transforms business

Digital Mailroom

Digitize the flow of inbound documents. Transform your whole company – not just your mailroom.

Document Workflow

Friction-free flow to accelerate document-centric processes.

Case Management

Collect and store related documents. Improve visibility, control, and handoffs.

Remote Working

Boost productivity and security of your hybrid workforce.


Streamline document gathering and flow. Fast-track onboarding.


Reduce time-to-resolve. Improve claim processing efficiency.


Securely gather required documents. Manage in digital case folders.

Audit & Compliance

Securely share documents and data. Pass compliance audits.

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