If you have systems created with Kofax/Lexmark products that you haven’t upgraded for some time you may find that you are no longer running on a supported version. Also, you may not be taking advantage of the many improvements and new features in later versions. Here at Lithe IT we have many years’ experience of Kofax/Lexmark products such as TotalAgility and can offer cost-effective solutions:

  1. Upgrade core products

    Upgrade the underlying Kofax/Lexmark products to the latest versions.

  2. Upgrade systems

    Upgrade systems built using Kofax/Lexmark technology to work with the latest versions.

  3. Amend existing

    Amend existing systems to take advantage of the new features and improved performance.

  4. Engagement options

    Offer “time and materials” or fixed price work for upgrades.