Audit & Compliance

Cut risk of fraud and loss from document distribution, workflow and collaboration

Increase information security in document intensive processes

Automate the secure distribution, workflow and processing of documents for better auditability and compliance

Stop document and data leaks icon

Stop document and data leaks

Avoid risk documents over email uploads icon

Avoid risk “documents over email”

Stop proliferation of document copies icon

Stop proliferation of document copies

Remove risk of unauthorized documents icon

Remove risk of unauthorized document access

Control document chain of custody icon

Control document chain of custody

Control document distribution and custody

  • Manage distribution lists. Restrict unauthorized access

  • Stop sharing documents over email

Track document and data changes automatically

  • Maintain audit trails of document interactions

  • Generate complete record of data changes

Support GDPR and other regulations

  • Protect document and data security

  • Enforce access policies

Case Studies

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Case Study

Mortgage automation

Innovative law firm automates regulated processes for efficiency and compliance

Global Insurer

Case Study

Remote Working

Global insurer arms remote workforce in 1 week with digital mail


Documents often contain sensitive business or personal sensitive information about customers, employees or suppliers. Unsafe distribution, sharing, processing and storage of these documents risks financial and reputational loss, including fines under GDPR and other regulations.

Lithe ensures that documents are securely distributed and processed, allowing access only to authorised people. Detailed audit trails of all document interactions are automatically generated.


Lithe solutions for Audit & Compliance can leverage intelligent document processing (IDP) technology and cognitive services from Kofax, ABBYY, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others.

For greater information security, add Lithe to your current document processing platform, or speak to us about your end-to-end IDP requirement.

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