Robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and digital services are transforming the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, and digital business process services is one of the industry’s fastest growing revenue streams. Customer volatility, changing commercial models and new competitors make the 2020s a decade of opportunity for innovative BPOs.

Lithe helps BPOs deploy automation and digital services at scale, through our BPaaS intelligent automation product. Our prebuilt solutions for Digital Mailroom reduce time to market and offer unique configuration at speed. Go live in as few as 5 days.

Benefits of Lithe’s BPO solutions include…

  1. Digital business process as a service (BPaas) platform

    The Lithe Intelligent Automation product enables Business Process Outsourcers to jump to the front of digital process service provision, rapidly equipping BPOs to offer intelligent automation solutions to their customers.

  2. Rapid onboarding and process reuse

    Rapid configuration of standardized, core business process services allows BPOs to onboard new customers in hours not days. Lithe’s product is architected to allow business process reuse across multiple BPO customers.

  3. Improved productivity and competitiveness

    Automation of core BPO processes improves team productivity and BPO competitiveness.

  4. Visibility and actionable insight

    Increased visibility into performance, bottlenecks and team capacity allows BPOs to manage centers and customer relations proactively.

  5. Flexibility

    Make rapid and real-time changes in process design, resourcing, alerting, exception handling and more, to meet SLA’s more reliably.

  6. Prebuilt solutions

    Lithe provides prebuilt Digital Mailroom and Invoicing solutions that reduce time to market and offer BPOs a unique ability to configure customer-by-customer solutions at speed.