Digitizing inbound documents transforms your whole company – not just your mailroom.

Go live with Lithe Digital Mailroom in 5 days and transform your document-intensive organization into a friction-free digital workplace.

No matter how your inbound documents arrive (paper mail, branch scans, email, mobile) Lithe Digital Mailroom automates their ingestion and distribution to cut costs, support distributed workforces, improve document security, and create a better experience for your customers.

  • Digital transformation for mailrooms

Consolidate mailrooms to increase efficiency. Make the transition from physical to digital document flow.

  • Digital mail for remote workers

Make remote teams more effective. Put inbound documents instantly on the virtual desktop of distributed people and teams.

  • Mail routing, reliable and smart

Equip a triage team to route documents digitally or allow Lithe to auto-route based on document content.

  • Productive and intuitive experience for mail recipients

Empower recipients to sort, filter and search their inbound mail. Review documents and extracted data on-screen. Forward to colleagues. Add notes. Execute simple “tick-box” workflow. Meet SLAs. A new era of mail handling and management!

  • Case management

Handle multiple related documents together in a smart case folder. Add case notes. Collaborate with colleagues.

  • Integrate to RPA and in-house systems

Trigger downstream processing via RPA actions or enrich document data with RPA-sourced information. Manage document disposition and integrate with in-house repositories and applications.

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