Modern organizations depend on fast, accurate information. They must improve productivity and customer service by transforming inbound documents into useful digitized data that is automatically understood and distributed to the right people, processes and systems. They must also meet compliance and accountability requirements and implement consistent, secure document processing.

Lithe Digital Documents is an intelligent automation solution which transforms slow, complex inbound document sorting and distribution into a series of highly efficient automated business processes. For all inbound channels (paper mail, email, mobile submission, portal ingestion, etc.), Lithe digitizes documents and all data on them so that even high volumes of documents and electronic information can be efficiently and securely managed.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Consolidate inbound documents and information

    Consolidate mail from multiple information channels in a standardized and automated mail- and document-handling process.

  2. High volume

    Handle high volumes of all document types and formats (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured).

  3. Work at-home or remotely

    Provide anytime, anywhere secure access to digitized mail and documents. Only an internet browser is needed. No software to install.

  4. Save time, cost and effort

    Reduce time and cost spent manually sorting, distributing and processing important documentation and mail.

  5. Digitize mail and accelerate processes

    Remove paper and accelerate document-intensive processes.

  6. Secure and compliant processing

    Enforce secure processing and access permissions and reliably implement document disposition rules.