Lithe Digital Documents solution improves productivity and customer service by transforming inbound documents into useful digitized data that is automatically, quickly and securely distributed to the right people, processes and systems. Lithe transforms slow, complex inbound document sorting and distribution into a series of highly efficient automated business processes.

Lithe Digital Documents enables enterprises to deliver mail and inbound documents digitally to distributed and work-at-home teams, enabling remote, secure work on any document-intensive business process.

  • Automatically triage and distribute inbound documents and extracted information to the right individuals and/or teams
  • Allow distributed teams to collaborate on document-based business processes
  • Rapid setup, 100% cloud-based solution (hosted and on-premise options also)

Document-based business processes supported include: digital mailroom; invoicing/AP; claims; loan applications; accounting opening and servicing; eligibility checking; HR admin; and many more.

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Key features and benefits:

1. Triage and distribute inbound documents and information

Automate the rapid triage and distribution of inbound documents (paper mail, email, mobile or portal submissions, etc.) and extracted information to the right individuals and teams.

2. Support distributed and remote workforces

Provide secure access on any device, anytime, anywhere to digitized inbound documents. Only an internet browser is needed. No software to install.

3. Enable secure collaboration on document-based work

Simplify collaboration on document-based work while complying to enterprise security and identity management policies.

4. Save time, cost and effort

Reduce time and cost spent manually sorting, distributing and processing inbound physical and electronic mail and attachments.

5. Digitize inbound documents and accelerate processes

Remove paper, consolidate all inbound documents and accelerate document-intensive processes.

6. Secure and compliant processing

Enforce secure processing and access permissions and reliably implement document disposition rules.