OneVolve for Accounts Payable is a smart process application (SPA) developed on the TotalAgility platform to simplify and transform the Accounts Payable process. It incorporates automation, collaboration and mobile to provide an engaging and easily accessible solution that supports your key stakeholders throughout the invoice handling process. The solution allows organizations to cut costs, time and errors while adding visibility, control and agility for improved productivity and better cash management.

OneVolve for Accounts Payable operates independently as a stand-alone solution or can be combined with OneVolve for BPO to deliver an integrated solution for BPO organizations installed on the On Premise Multi-Tenancy (OPMT) version of TotalAgility. It is a fully working and extendible framework that has been developed with ease of change as a guiding principle. Many of the different options can be enabled or disabled via configuration. Where a feature does not exist or there is a desire to operate in a different way to OneVolve for Accounts Payable, this can be very easily achieved via the Lithe IT Professional Services team.

Key features and benefits:



    Best Practice

    Best practice workflows and exception handling to reduce costs and cycle times while optimising your process and cash flow management.

  2. ERP integration

    Secure and reliable integration to your ERP system.

  3. Enhance Visibility

    Complete visibility and analytics to enhance financial decision-making, improve revenue generation and increase profitability.  

  4. Remove Paper

    Minimise or remove entirely paper from your invoice management process, leading to massive reduction in your costs.

  5. Early Discounts

    Take advantage of all available early payment discounts with your suppliers.

  6. Stakeholder Data

    Optimise your supplier relationships through instant reliable access to key stakeholder data at all times and where appropriate extending this access to them directly.