OneVolve for Business Process Outsourcing is a solution specifically aimed at helping BPO companies quickly onboard their clients using the TotalAgility Platform.

It also includes a monitoring application that gives an overview of all processes across all clients – showing where processing volume is highest, and indicating and predicting where operational problems may occur.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Rapidly onboard your clients into TotalAgility – new clients can be set up in minutes, and you can be processing documents within hours.

  2. Tailor client specific needs right within the application itself – no need for TotalAgility development skills to get processes working the way you and your client wants.

  3. Full “end to end” processing – from registration of incoming documents, through scanning and extraction of data, and exporting documents and data in a variety of formats.

  4. “Live” dashboards show the current state of all client work within the system, including drilling further into applications, processes and right down to seeing the job details – all from one application.