Citizens and other constituents want their inquiries resolved quickly and their services delivered efficiently. While meeting these demands, Government and Public Sector organizations must meet the highest standards of transparency, operational effectiveness and compliance to policy and regulation.

Lithe improves citizen service delivery by helping our Public Sector clients automate more processes, deliver better digital services and improve the citizen experience throughout.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Transform to digital government

    Streamline operations through process automation and better case management to provide a new generation of digital services.

  2. Eliminate paper

    Eliminate paper from processes to serve citizens better and meet environmental requirements.

  3. Citizen benefit provision

    Deliver citizen benefits and services with increased staff efficiency.

  4. Communication

    Improve cross-agency communication and collaboration.

  5. Intelligent automation for Public Service

    Lithe intelligent automation solutions provide Public Sector organizations with best of breed document capture, process management, mobile, RPA and analytics capabilities that reduce processing costs, improve citizen service and ensure compliance to policy and procedure.

  6. Lithe Digital Documents

    Lithe Digital Documents is a prebuilt solution that allows Public Sector organizations to transform complex inbound document sorting and ongoing distribution into a series of highly efficient automated business processes.