Remote working

Increase remote worker productivity with automated document delivery, workflow and collaboration

Unleash the power of your remote workforce

Deliver inbound documents digitally for remote processing by anyone, anywhere.

Respond faster to customers

Boost underwriter productivity icon

Increase productivity of remote teams

Ensure document security icon

Eliminate information security risks

Enable knowledge workers for remote decision-making

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Meet green goals

Deliver documents & data in secure, digital format

  • Rapid, easy access to inbound documents

  • Remove information security risks of “documents shared over email”. Control and secure the flow & processing of documents

Control the flow & processing of documents

  • View documents & extracted data digitally in browser

  • Automate document-centric work & boost remote productivity

Document workflow for remote teams

  • Support workflow for document-centric teams

  • Collect related documents in case folders

Case Studies

Case Study

Digital Mailroom

BPO adds digital mailroom as 1,000’s switch from paper

Global Insurer

Case Study

Remote Working

Global insurer arms remote workforce in 1 week with digital mail


Remote workers receive documents that contain personal sensitive information about new customers, current policy holders, new employees, and others. Unsafe distribution, sharing, processing and storage of these documents risks financial and reputational loss, including fines under GDPR and other regulations.

80%+ of email data breaches are caused by sending to the wrong recipient or attaching the wrong file. Distributing by email any document that contains business-sensitive information is not secure and introduces unnecessary risk of loss.


Lithe’s Remote Working solutions work with any intelligent document processing (IDP) technology, content management (ECM), or cognitive service, including Kofax, ABBYY, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others.

Enable your remote workforce better with intelligent document workflow and processing solution from Lithe.

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