Automate underwriting document workflows

Digital transformation for underwriting documents

Gather, digitize, share and process underwriting documents.

Validate documentation faster icon

Validate documentation faster

Improve responsiveness to customers icon

Increase responsiveness to customers

Boost underwriter productivity icon

Boost underwriter productivity

Reduce underwriting costs icon

Reduce underwriting costs

Automate underwriting document workflow icon

Automate underwriting document workflows

Gather required documents quickly and securely

  • Gather documents from applicants on any channel

  • Distribute & forward documents for comment and approval

Increase underwriting efficiency

  • Simplify document viewing, annotation, and forwarding

  • Improve underwriter productivity with ‘Quick Lists’ and more

Case management for underwriting

  • Gather and store documents in case folders

  • Automate audit trail of document interactions & data changes

Case Studies

Case Study

Digital Mailroom

BPO adds digital mailroom as 1,000’s switch from paper

Global Insurer

Case Study

Remote Working

Global insurer arms remote workforce in 1 week with digital mail


Missing documentation, discrepancies in information provided, and delays in customer communication are top causes of underwriting delay, inefficiency and cost.

Document workflow software simplifies the gathering of documentation required to underwrite risk and approve loan and policy issuance. Documents are transformed into digital images, data is extracted and verified. Images and data flow quickly within and across teams to accelerate decision-making.


Lithe’s Underwriting solutions work with any intelligent document processing (IDP) system, in-house applications, intelligent automation technology or cognitive service, including Kofax, ABBYY, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others.

Transform your underwriting processes with intelligent automation from Lithe.

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