Work-at-home capabilities are urgently needed to allow business continuity in times of disruption. Yet, critical business processes falter because workers cannot quickly access and work with inbound documents and mail.

Within minutes Lithe Digital Documents solution enables enterprises to deliver mail and documents digitally to work-at-home teams and gig-agents, enabling remote work on any document-intensive business process.

  • Get setup and operational within minutes, configured with no code & no project
  • 100% cloud-based as-a-service solution available (hosted and on-premise options also)
  • Quarterly contracts and an as-a-service delivery model

Work-at-home use cases supported include: digital mailroom; invoicing/AP; claims; loan applications; accounting opening and servicing; eligibility checking; HR admin; and many more.

Lithe Digital Documents transforms multi-channel inbound document sorting and ongoing distribution into a highly efficient automated process that supports remote working for everyone.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Sustain business operation

    Avoid business disruption by enabling remote work without interruption to document-intensive processes.

  2. Improve service

    Serve more business needs with at-home workforces.

  3. Access flexible workforces and talent pools

    Enable ad-hoc, temporary, flexible and gig-agent workforces to execute document-based work.

  4. Automate document-based work for at-home workers

    Equip at-home workers to complete tasks, projects, cases that require document receipt, send and interaction – without the need for manual document handling.

  5. Ensure security and compliance for at-home teams

    Maintain in-office levels of security and compliance in work-at-home teams who handle documents.