Remote working is no longer an exception or a privilege – it’s widespread,
normal practice.  

McKinsey Global Institute reports that after the COVID-19 pandemic “20 to 25 percent of the workforces in advanced economies could work from home between three and five days a week.”1 

Prepare your WFH teams now for the future of work on document-intensive processes. Go live in 5 days and boost productivity of remote workers. 

1. Deliver inbound documents to anyone, anywhere 

Your distributed workforce is ineffective without fast access to inbound documents. Lithe Work from Home solutions quickly make inbound documents available to the people who need them, wherever they are. At home. In the office. On the road. Anywhere. 

2. Create resilient and productive teams 

Remove the risk of relying on physical documents. Ensure business continuity and resilience by creating and distributing digital documents from paper mail, branch office scans, email, mobile device submissions, portal uploads etc. Transform physical to digital and keep individuals and teams productive.  

3. Enable distributed teams in document-intensive processes 

Allow distributed workers fast, reliable, and secure access to inbound documents for loan applications, new account opening, customer due diligence, employee recruitment, claims management, underwriting, government benefits registration, correspondence management, cash reconciliation, accounts payable and receivable, and more.   

4. Access flexible workforces and talent pools 

Enable ad-hoc, temporary, flexible and gig-agent workforces to receive inbound documents remotely. 

5. Go digital in 5 days

In just 5 days transform your remote workforce into a highly productive team working on document-intensive processes. Equip a triage team to route inbound documents or automate the triage based on document content.  

 1 ‘The postpandemic economy: The future of work after COVID‑19’, McKinsey Global Institute, February 2021 

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