Stable and agile

17 May 2019

Lithe has recently moved office into an iconic Glasgow Art Deco building on West Regent Street. Originally constructed in 1934, the listed building has stood the test of time, surviving war, social transformation and a city unrecognisable from when it was built.

Originally called The Paramount, the building was a top destination for evening entertainment with many famous bands, comedians and artists performing there. In its latter days playing host to luminaries such as The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.

But times change, and so do consumer tastes. The desire to watch live performance waned and instead cinema was all the vogue. The Odeon acquired the building in 1935 and transformed the interior to become one of Glasgow popular entertainment venues once again. I remember going there to watch classics including ET and Star Wars, with my last visit seeing the Muppets Christmas Carol. (Well maybe not all the films I saw there were classics).

The advent of super-cinemas, videos and DVD’s proved another challenge to the buildings usage and once again it faced an uncertain time, closing in 2006 and lying unused for many years.

Then in 2019, rebranded as The Reel House, Lithe became the first tenants to move in and start a new history for this Glasgow landmark. Selecting an office requires head and heart, and I am happy to confess there was a lot of heart in our choice and we are delighted with the outcome.

A stable building with an unchanging façade but several re-imagined purposes to adapt to market needs – quite the history.

I see the parallels with those on Intelligent Automation journeys. To be successful over a longer time-period it is important to select robust technology which can be adapted to meet differing needs as customers continue to transform how they want to interact and transact with organisations.

It is this philosophy which drives our development of Onevolve and selection of partnering technologies. Just as the Art Deco building we call home has achieved, we strive to offer our customers the benefits of both stable and agile solutions. 

Anthony Murphy (CEO, Lithe)

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