The importance of ‘Instant and Effortless Onboarding for BPOs’

04 September 2019

Lithe CTO – Derek Crawford

My 13 year old daughter declared at dinner one night last week that we should “cancel our Apple music family subscription, and move to Spotify, because it’s better”.  She had her reasons; better integration with the music players we have, better playlists, and (as she would put it) “because …. Reasons!”

I love listening to music, but I was ambivalent to what service we used.  I might have to download some songs on a new service – but this was a small price to pay for my daughters happiness!  So within 5 minutes, I had cancelled Apple music, and I was a Spotify customer.

As a consumer – especially of services from “internet native” businesses – we’re getting used to this level of service.  You can have what you want in minutes.

However, in my experience, acquiring new customers is usually not that easy.  This is especially true in a “Business to Business” scenario, where the customer is typically purchasing something a little more complex than an app to download and play music!

It can be a long process to win new customers.  Markets have to be identified, marketing has to generate leads to be converted to opportunities, deals worked through the “sales pipeline”, and deliverables and prices agreed.  All of this work hopefully leads onto a signed contract.

And after all that work and effort, you then have to actually deliver the service as sold.  The first step in that “post sales” process vitally important: Customer on-boarding.  They say “first impressions count”, and onboarding the customer is the first opportunity the client gets to “see behind the sales” process and to understand what working with your company is really like.  It’s also difficult to recover from a poor first experience.

For many years now I’ve worked with companies who have looked to improve their customer on-boarding processes, especially in the BPO sector.  For these companies, on-boarding the customer into their operational systems can be a challenge. The commitments made by the Sales team now have to be delivered upon.

It was for that reason that we created Lithe Intelligent Automation – our Intelligent Automation solution to help our clients “instantly and effortlessly” onboard their customers.  By using Lithe Intelligent Automation our clients have been able to have new customers operational within hours, while still allowing flexibility to deliver the customers solution exactly as they want it.  Lithe Intelligent Automation also contains our Customer Experience Portal, that means you and your customers can be sharing and collaborating together (on data, documents, processes) within minutes. Click here to find out more.

Getting back to Spotify, and I have to say I’m not 100% sure that it is really better than Apple music. However, what I do know is that it was a quick and painless process to sign up, and so I’ve had a positive experience with them so far.  So there’s no reason to change to something else. Unless my daughter tells me to!

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