About Lithe

We help customers achieve their business goals with intelligent automation.

We are a multi-year Platinum Partner of Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) and experts in the Tungsten TotalAgility platform.

Our vision

We envision a world that has unlocked the business potential of intelligent automation.

What’s the problem?

Most organizations still operate based on business models and work practices designed for the industrial age. Their business processes run according to production line concepts, prioritizing standardization at the expense of flexibility and responsiveness.

In the 21st century, those businesses and new enterprises must be agile, must have the institutional DNA to adapt to changing customer needs and competitive pressures, and must avoid the inertial drag of operational processes that are slow to change.

Successful organizations will push the pace of their digital transformation, escaping the legacy of rigid past practices and adopting new approaches and technologies that learn to adapt in real time to changing needs.

This challenge is to leverage AI-driven intelligent automation to create a more intelligent, more agile enterprise.

Who we are

We are the #1 provider of intelligent automation solutions based on the AI-driven Tungsten TotalAgility platform.

What we do

We increase the speed of information as it flows into and through your organization, allowing you to respond more quickly to customers and operate more efficiently with less effort and at lower cost.

Our impact

People: We empower people toward greater productivity and satisfaction by removing time, effort and frustration from their work.
Customers: We improve responsiveness in any customer engagement by accelerating the exchange of information and removing latency from customer-related business processes.
Security: We deliver solutions that protect confidential information and provide a secure, safe and managed way to work.
Cost: We radically cut the expense of manual processing.
Speed: We speed up the digital transformation of legacy processes and systems.

Who we work for

Our customers work across the globe in financial services, banking, retail, government, outsourcing, and other industries.

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Our Team

Anthony Murphy Picture

Anthony Murphy

Chief Executive

Derek Crawford Picture

Derek Crawford

Chief Technology Officer

Brendan McNabb Picture

Brendan McNabb

Chief Commercial Officer

Dermot McCauley Picture

Dermot McCauley

Chief Strategy

Compliance and security

We are committed to meeting our customers’ enterprise-scale compliance and security requirements, across borders, framework standards, and models. We run our business in accordance with ISO and other rigorous process disciplines, ensuring our customers benefit from approaches and solutions of the highest quality.

Lithe is ISO/IEC 27001 certified. This global standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), established by the Internal Organization for Standardization (ISO), requires the independent assessment of an organization’s information security management controls.

The ISO/IEC 27001 certification attests that Lithe provides organization-wide protection enabling it to proactively respond to evolving security threats and cyber-attacks. Compliance with this standard demonstrates our commitment to protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data.

Our expertise

For Tungsten Automation customers leveraging the Tungsten TotalAgility platform we deliver best practice guidance, proven implementation skills, a remote and agile delivery model, and post-implementation support.

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Intelligent Document Processing

AI-based document classification and data extraction

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Business Process Automation

Automate labour-intensive, repetitive tasks

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Case Management

Automate document intake and case team collaboration

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Accelerate and secure the flow of incoming documents



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