Digital Mailroom

Apply AI to accelerate the distribution and processing of incoming documents.

What is a Digital Mailroom?

When documents arrive, as paper, email attachments, or portal uploads, a digital mailroom solution applies AI to automate the task of identifying document types, understanding document content, and extracting information for routing and business processing.  The digital mailroom then distributes those incoming documents quickly and reliably to the teams and individuals who need them.

A digital mailroom solution prevents fraud and loss by keeping documents secure as they flow into and though an enterprise. It enables people to productively view and process all inbound paper mail, email attachments, portal uploads, scans, or faxes. And it provides scalable, resilient digital mail processing that improves operations in single departments and across an entire enterprise.

By delivering incoming documents in digital format quickly to teams and individuals at their point of need, a digital mailroom solution helps drive the digital transformation of downstream processes currently completed manually.

Read What is a Digital Mailroom? and learn more about digital mailrooms today.

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Lithe Expertise in Digital Mailroom Solutions

Lithe automates end-to-end mailroom processes, starting with arrival of incoming documents and ending when the document has been processed and is no longer needed.

Our expertise in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) allows us to configure the intake of documents from any incoming channel. Our experience in Business Process Automation (BPA) allows us to streamline workflows within mailrooms and between those mailrooms and departments across an organization.

Lithe digital mailroom solutions can serve any number of people, any volume of documents, and integrate easily with your current systems.

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Automate the intake of documents from any source

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Classify & extract

Recognize documents by type and extract critical routing and business information

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Validation & exceptions

Productively engage mailroom teams to handle routing and other exceptions

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Distribution & Access

Automatically route and distribute incoming mail and documents to the right person or team

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Analytics and admin

Deliver transparent mailroom operations and efficient administration

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Instantly provide documents and extracted data to automated systems and repositories

Digital Transformation for the Mailroom

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Cut costs of operations

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Increase productivity of remote teams

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Respond faster to customers

Ensure security and compliance

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Meet green goals

Revolutionize your mailroom with AI-driven digital mailroom software

Ondox™, a proprietary Lithe software product, is a purpose-built digital mailroom solution that accelerates the distribution and processing of incoming documents using AI.

For Tungsten customers, Ondox is the perfect complement and delivers speed, simplicity, security, and scalability that traditional mailroom operations and other digital mailroom solutions cannot provide.

Customer Success

Customers rely on Lithe’s digital mailroom expertise and experience to deliver successful digital transformation.

Share your challenges and goals with us and allow our experts to help you automate effectively.

Case Study

Digital Mailroom

BPO adds digital mailroom as 1,000’s switch from paper

Global Insurer

Case Study

Remote Working

Global insurer arms remote workforce in 1 week with digital mail


Mailroom automation creates a digital image of each piece of inbound mail and automatically extracts data from that image. The image and data are then automatically delivered in digital form to the intended recipient or business process.

A digital mailroom uses document scanning, document capture, and intelligent document processing technologies, to digitize incoming mail and automate the classification and distribution of mail within an organization.



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