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Tungsten Services

From document capture and imaging to cutting-edge intelligent automation solutions, Lithe is your trusted Tungsten partner in optimizing workflows and driving digital transformation. Discover our comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.

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Professional Services

Leverage industry expertise to optimize your Tungsten implementation for maximum efficiency and impact

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Support Services

Ensure the smooth operation of your Tungsten solutions and minimizing downtime for your critical business processes

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ROI Optimizer

Maximize returns by fine-tuning Tungsten solutions to meet your business objectives

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Ensure that your Tungsten solutions are equipped with the latest features and enhancements for optimal performance

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Cloud Migration

Unlock the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and accessibility for your Tungsten solutions

Tungsten Intelligent Automation

The Tungsten platform transforms information-intensive business processes to provide a new level of return on automation, reducing manual work and errors, minimizing costs, and improving customer engagement.

Contact us to learn more about how we can apply the capabilities of Tungsten to transform your business.

Tungsten TotalAgility

Intelligent process automation to orchestrate digital workflows in enterprise operations.

AP Agility

Transform accounts payable processes with streamlined automation and real-time insights.


Automate labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources with no coding.


Effortlessly capture, classify, and extract critical data from documents while enhancing productivity.

Our Tungsten expertise

For Tungsten customers we deliver best practice guidance, proven implementation skills, a remote and agile delivery model, and post-implementation support.

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Intelligent Document Processing

AI-based document classification and data extraction

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Business Process Automation

Automate labour-intensive, repetitive tasks

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Case Management

Automate document intake and case team collaboration

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Accelerate and secure the flow of incoming documents

Case Studies

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Case Study

Digital Workflow Transformation

Optima Legal automates document-intensive mortgage offers and redemptions

Case Study


BPO adds digital mailroom as 1,000’s switch from paper



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