Tungsten (formerly Kofax) Support Services

Deliver operational resilience and ensure business continuity.

We support your teams to ensure critical business systems meet service level expectations.

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Support business operations with efficient and resilient Tungsten and Lithe software solutions

Lithe Support Services deliver responsive and expert support programs to ensure your business operations don’t miss a beat. We provide peace of mind, operational insight, and a path to trouble-free system modernization.

Lithe’s deep expertise and experience in Tungsten software ensures that our customers’ solutions run smoothly and that any issues that arise are quickly resolved.

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Your choice of support levels

Four levels of pre-packaged Support Services are available, pre-built to suit differing levels of need.

Backed by explicit Lithe response commitments, packages differ primarily on response times to urgent, high, medium, and low priority incidents, and frequency of reporting and review meetings.

Custom Support Service Packages are also available where a Support Audit indicates a custom package is required.

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Support Services Available

Depending on the pre-packaged and custom Support Services in place, Tungsten support services may include:

  • Daily Health Maintenance

  • 24/7 Online Support Portal

  • Triage & Troubleshooting

  • Break/Fix Issue Resolution

  • Bug & Enhancement Reporting

  • Repeating Incident Identification

  • Hot Fixes & Patches

  • Change Advisory Board Support

  • Partner Support Interactions

  • Periodic Support Reviews

Support Audit

To ensure the most suitable Support Services are selected, we can perform a Support Audit before initiating services. Our rapid Audit reviews technical environment, document processing efficiency, workflow effectiveness, and support services requirement. The Audit delivers a detailed written Audit Report.

We normally require a Support Audit where a customer or third party has built a custom application on top of a Tungsten or Lithe solution.

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More than Support

Where you need additional help or want to act on insights our Support team provide, our expert Professional Services team is available to enhance existing or create new Tungsten and Lithe solutions.

Our team brings deep expertise in Tungsten intelligent automation software, including Tungsten TotalAgility, Tungsten AP Agility, Tungsten RPA, and Tungsten Capture.

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Customer Success

Lithe’s Support team give our customers confidence that their systems will reliably support business operations 24/7/365.

Where customers choose to upgrade to new versions of software, Lithe Support team ensures a smooth transition without business interruption.

Case Study

Digital Mailroom

BPO adds digital mailroom as 1,000’s switch from paper

Global Insurer

Case Study

Remote Working

Global insurer arms remote workforce in 1 week with digital mail


Tungsten updates can be done in two ways. First, upgrading to a new version of Tungsten updates your Tungsten system to keep you compliant with the terms of your software support agreement. Second, re-factoring is a way of updating your current Tungsten system to revise how it works, add new documents for Tungsten processing, redesign Tungsten workflows, etc.

Most Tungsten customers use Tungsten products for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) or digital workflow transformation. Tungsten IDP extracts information from any business document automatically to enable business process automation. Tungsten digital workflow reduces manual effort, cuts costs, increases process quality, and improves compliance.

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