Tungsten (formerly Kofax) Capture

Digital transformation for document intensive workflows.

Intelligent document processing for efficiency and compliance

Tungsten Capture and Transformation deliver pre-built intelligent document processing capabilities, leveraging AI to fully automate content-centric workflows in your organization.

Tungsten Capture ingests documents from any source, including scanned paper mail, email attachments, and portal uploads. Using embedded AI, Tungsten Transformation accelerates workflow by automatically classifying incoming documents by type and extracting critical business data for processing.

Tungsten Capture & Transformation Benefits

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Increase document processing productivity

  • Process more documents faster in document intensive workflows
Eliminate errors icon

Eliminate manual error

  • Remove error-prone, manual data entry or rekeying

Capture content anywhere, anytime

  • Extend capture with integrated links between intelligent devices, MFDs, network scanners and mobile

Tungsten Capture Features

Multichannel capture

  • Digitize documents from any source: paper, branch scans, portal uploads, email attachments.

Kofax capture automatic data entry illustration with a scanner
Multichannel capture

Mobile capture

  • Engage smartphones and tablets as document capture devices. Automatically extract information from passports, driver licenses, checks, and credit cards.

Kofax capture system integration
Mobile capture

Export and integrate

  • Securely share documents and data with ERP, CRM and other systems without coding using pre-built Tungsten export connectors.

Kofax capture low code robot illustration
Export and integrate

Tungsten Intelligent Automation

Tungsten TotalAgility

Intelligent process automation to orchestrate digital workflows in enterprise operations.

AP Agility

Transform accounts payable processes with streamlined automation and real-time insights.


Automate labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources with no coding.


Tungsten Capture is a robust document capture and data extraction solution that facilitates the efficient intake, processing, and management of both physical and electronic documents within an organization. It streamlines document-related workflows to enhance productivity.

Key features of Tungsten Capture include high-speed document scanning, automated data extraction from documents, image enhancement to improve document quality, intelligent document classification for sorting, and seamless integration with various document management systems, making it a comprehensive solution for document capture and processing.

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