Tungsten TotalAgility 8 Release


Tungsten Automation, a renowned pioneer in Intelligent Automation software, has revealed TotalAgility® 8. This cutting-edge version of the flagship platform introduces advanced AI improvements, empowering organizations to boost agility and expedite returns on investment like never before.

These enhancements revolutionize the approach to solution development and customer interaction for businesses, while simultaneously refining back-office efficiency and fostering better collaboration between humans and machines.

Key TotalAgility 8 Release Highlights

Accelerated Time to Value

TotalAgility 8 accelerates time to value with new generative AI-powered automation. This includes Copilots, no-training extraction, document libraries, and expanded citizen developer capabilities.

Copilot for Development: Transforms ideas into working processes, case definitions, forms, business rules, and data models.

Copilot for Extraction: Substantially reduces the time and effort required to create and manage document extraction models with zero training. This saves hundreds of hours in setup and continued maintenance time to just a few seconds per field or document type.

Document Library: Take advantage of a rich repository of pre-trained, out-of-the-box extraction models to enhance your TotalAgility workflows. This repository offers a variety of use cases across industries and eliminates the need for customers to develop unique extraction models from scratch.

No-Training Extraction: TotalAgility 8 automatically identifies key-value pairs with unparalleled accuracy, slashing setup time by 90%. This effortlessly extracts critical information with no training required.

Empowering Citizen Developers: Users with minimal technical expertise can now contribute to the innovation and optimization of business processes with quick apps for citizen developers that are more intuitive and user-friendly than before.

Deeper Insights

Enhance the speed and accuracy of your decision-making process with Copilot for Insights.

Copilot for Insights: Generates real time and actionable insights from proprietary business and case data, accelerating decision-making and uplifting workforce productivity while reducing inaccurate feedback which often plagues most of today’s Generative AI solutions.

Enhanced Ecosystem and Integration Support

TotalAgility 8 supports broader automation and tighter integrations with enhanced RESTful Services, no-code LLM integration, and third-party extraction support.

RESTful Services: A new TotalAgility REST service provides greater interoperability between TotalAgility and external systems, making it easier to invoke the available functionality from another system. These modernized APIs empower you and your partners to seamlessly craft innovative solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

No-code LLM Integration: Effortlessly weave Generative AI into your TotalAgility workflows, activities, forms and chat controls with integration to Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT Open AI, Azure OpenAI, or a custom LLM.

Third-Party Extraction Support: Easily plug in third-party extraction engines into TotalAgility, enabling direct updates to document fields using data from external sources. This includes enhanced support for complex JSON responses, REST headers, and diverse response handling.

Lower Cost

TotalAgility 8 lower cost and optimizes efficiency with “under-the-hood” enhancements. These enhancements include simplified updates, streamlined deployments and scheduling, enhanced process design, improved filtering, and much more.

Interested in Learning More about TotalAgility?

Explore how TotalAgility’s transformative AI-driven capabilities can revolutionize your business operations here.

Furthermore, attend the Tungsten Automation ‘How to Become More Agile, Insightful & Action-Oriented with Generative AI’ webinar here.

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Tungsten Automation TotalAgility 8 Release News

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