Business Process Automation

Streamline complex processes to reduce manual effort, cut costs, increase process quality, and improve compliance.

What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation (BPA) uses software to automate multi-step business processes. BPA reduces or eliminates human effort and error in routine tasks by automating repetitive work. Where people are essential to the process, business process automation smooths workflow between people and integrates with internal and external systems to gather and update information.

For business processes such as invoicing, claims, underwriting or onboarding, BPA orchestrates people and systems in efficient end-to-end workflows that achieve business objectives.

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Robotic Process Automation and BPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) executes repetitive work at greater speed, with greater accuracy, and at lower cost than human workers.

RPA software robots act as highly efficient and productive digital workforce assistants, automating a portion of the work that a human would previously have performed in a manual, time-consuming and error-prone way. RPA releases your human workforce from repetitive work such as keying or re-keying data and transferring data from one system to another.

BPA automates additional aspects of a business process, increasing efficiency and reducing latency and wasted effort. For example, BPA automates workflow so that all tasks are quickly attended to and all updates to systems such as CRM and ERP are instantly made.

Lithe Expertise in Business Process Automation

Lithe professional services team brings decades of practical experience to the task of automating business processes. From initial requirements analysis, to process and system design, to implementation, testing and deployment, customers trust Lithe’s expert team members to deliver high quality systems that meet their specific needs.

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Process Analysis

Understand as-is processes and desired future process requirements

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Process Design

Define detailed future process flows, responsibilities, rules, and metrics

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Human workflow

Create efficient forms of engagement for all people involved in a process

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Process development

Create and test automation in support efficient business processing

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Deploy new automation with minimal disruption to current teams and systems

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Process management

Record performance, identify bottlenecks, optimize workloads, manage exceptions

Business Process Automation transforms end-to-end workflows

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Reduce operational costs

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Deliver superior customer engagement

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Increase productivity per person

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Improve process quality and resilience

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Ensure compliance to policy and procedure

Customer Success

Lithe’s deep expertise and long experience in business process automation, including robotics, helps our customers deliver successful digital transformation.

Share your challenges and goals with us and allow our experts to help you automate effectively.

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Workflow Automation

Insurer automates client account financial processes

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Process Efficiency

Process automation streamlines mortgage application and redemption requests


Business Process Automation (BPA) is a versatile approach that can benefit organizations and departments in any industry sector. Unlike traditional packaged software application BPA can be customized to suit the unique needs and requirements of your business.

In industries including  financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, BPA has demonstrated that its adaptability releases extra business value by streamlining processing, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

BPA is commonly used to automate processes that comprise multiple steps, involve a lot of repetitive activity, and require the engagement of multiple people and systems as the process executes from start to finish. Examples include invoice and AP processing, new account opening, loan application processing, and insurance claims processing.

In essence, BPA finds application in repetitive, rule-based processes and is applicable in a wide spectrum of business functions. BPA enhances team productivity, improves consistency of processing, and cuts time and efforts from overall processing.



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